How to Win Battles in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is dominating the mobile game market and it has every right to do so. It’s a mashup of different genres but not way too complex. It offers a series of tutorial levels so that the players get hang of how things work but the sometimes the battles can get fierce. To help you hold yourself, we are giving you the following battle tips to score a victory.

Destroy the Middle Tower

You may want to pulverize all the three towers but it’s the middle one you need to get rid of. As you don’t control your troops directly, they take the tower on left or right side first before they can take the middle one out. So try to focus your troops on one side to take out the middle quickly.


As you attack the tower, don’t forget to guard yours. If none of you destroy the middle tower, the one who destroyed the most towers takes the victory. Therefore, you need to defend your towers in Clash Royale.

If you and your challenger has taken the same number of towers, then there will be a three minute match. This extra mile will decide the winner.

A Varied Deck

You need to compile a deck that can handle anything thrown at it. You will have all kind of troops who will get ready to work. Make sure you have a heavy hitter, a few ranged units, brawlers, combatants and flying units. You can also include some spells and add-ons to increase the overall threat of your units.

If your deck only consists of high end cards, then you will have to wait for the elixir bar to fill up. So you need to keep your deck varied in classes and cost of elixir. This will improve your chances of winning.