Clash Royale Arrows – Fireball Lightning Spells Guide Tips

Clash Royale Arrows  Fireball & Lightning Spells Guide & Tips Spell cards play a very vital role in destroying your opponent’s towers, providing you with the ability to gain more profits in Elixir. It would be no wrong saying that spell cards are probably one of the most difficult ones to play because unlike defensive buildings and troops, these cards require accurate timing to create impending doom or overturn a battle. So, bearing this in mind, we bring you a guide that will surely help you place the right spell card at the right time.

Clash Royale Arrows

Clash Royale Arrows

Clash Royale Arrows is a spell card you get in the training camp. This card can ward off big threats while providing you with great Elixir profit. Not only does it has a big radius, but also offers you the opportunity to get more value. Apart from earning good value, Arrows is also supposed to be a good option for taking out big swarm troops.


Clash Royale Arrows Fireball is another spell card, which you use to destroy buildings made by your enemies. All you need is to wait for the right time to get the most out of your fireball spell card. Your Fireball can do more damage when it is 1 level stronger than Electro Wizard or Wizard or Musketeer. But when it is weaker or has same level, they won’t die.

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Clash Royale Arrows It’s probably one of the powerful cards, helping you destroy some of the most irritating decks. It’s a very versatile card that stuns your opponents and their buildings. It’s better that you should consider using Lightning when your rival places Musketeer and Giant and a Wizard. It will then destroy Giant first, and then Wizard and Musketeer.

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