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Clash Royale King Style Are you one of those having problem playing Clash Royale or just looking for some handy tips? You are at the right place. We’ve assembled some of the handy points you should consider to perform better. These points are useful for both novices and pros. Let’s take a look at them below:

Plan Things

Balance your deck

Clash Royale King Style You should balance your deck to add versatility to do more damage. You need to make sure your Clash Royale deck is comprised of a variety of units to better counter diverse attacks. You also have a variety of card values to remain solid at elixir.

Prefer only tower-attacking units

There’re some specific units that are designed specially to attack towers. You should prefer these types of units to do the more damage. Having one of such units in your deck will certainly help you, because they’re very focused and always ready to destroy opponents.

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Clash Royale King Style - Golden tip How Get Gems

Don’t send units alone

Clash Royale King Style You shouldn’t send units alone because they can get clobbered quite easily. Instead, you should find those who can do the more damage when sent together. For example you can pair Hog Riders with Goblins, Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit.

Use Clash Royale King Style

You may also use spells to boost the effectiveness of your attack. Freeze is one of our all-time favorite spells that stops opponents for some time. You also need to know the importance of prioritizing your spells. For example, say you have ‘The Log’ in your deck and your rival has a ‘Goblin Barrel’. You should consider using Log only when your opponent sends Goblin Barrel.

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Gems Here

Clash Royale King Style - Golden tip How Get Gems


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